KN95 Facemasks

3 layers of respiratory protection of some non-oily particles, such as pathogenic microorganisms, dust, sand dust, pollen, haze, various kind of productive dust and air pollutants such as non-volatile fog,
which can be used as the protection of PM2.5
The face coverings are available in packs of :

Atwell Product Code: NITRILE-GLOVES-L-100
Manufacturers product Code:

Fluid-resistant Surgical Mask

Product information:
Type IIR Fluid Repellent
Sold as a box of 50.

Atwell Product Code:IIR-DISPOSABLE-MASK-50
Manufacturer Product Code:

3 Ply Disposable Facemasks

Mainly used for personnel respiratory protection, can filter the particles in the air
Low resistance to breathing
Non-woven, 3-layer disposable with earloop.
Supplied as box of 50
Store in a clean, hygienic,ventilated, dry room to avoid high temperature and humidity
Easy to take on and off, making it ideal for home healthcare use.



Atwell Product Code:MYR-Q008-DISPOSABLE-MASK-50
Manufacturer Product Code:

Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

Sensor-activated, touch free technologically hygienically delivers soaps and disinfectants.

No touch hand hygiene : Eliminates cross-contamination and increases compliance.
Low profile, wall mounted design: Won’t obstruct hallways, and dispenses downwards for great hand coverage
Adjustable dispensable count : Chose between 1 or 2 dispenses per activation.

Product Specification :
How to use : Place hands under the sensor to activate and dispense a premeasured amount of soap or alchool spray .
Dimensions : 152mm x 100mm x 290mm
Power source : C Cell x 4
Installation : Wall or tabletop installation
Color : White
Material : PP, ABS
Volume : 1.2L

Manufacturing product code:

Nitril Gloves

Disposable, powder-free Nitrile examination gloves offering excellent barrier protection.

Beaded cuff
Textured finger tips
Single use
Puncture resistant
Chemical resistant
CE approved
Size: medium
Supplied in boxes of 100

Currently only availabe in Large

Atwell Product code: NITRILE-GLOVES-L-100
Manufacturer product code:

Antimicrobial Copper Film

Looking for quick solution on making your lifts/elevators buttons, doors and day to day objects that are touched by various people?
Then this could be the quick solution for any project and perfect for those on a budget.
Recent studies have looked at Covid-19 and its persistence on different surfaces. The evidence suggests that Copper has both antiviral and antibacterial properties, with the results showing that Covid-19 can be eradicated in as little as 5 minutes on a copper surface when compared with other metals.
With this evidence in mind Atwell International are now selling adhesive copper sheets that can be placed over surfaces that hands will come into contact with frequently. Examples include elevator buttons, door panels, door handles, stair bannisters, bank machines, tables and printers. The list is endless.

Sheet dimmensions : 400 mm X 1000 mm

Atwell Product Code:COPPER-FILM
Manufacturer Product Code:

Confined Space Air Purifier

Specifically designed for confined spaces such as elevators and supplements the existing cleaning regime for maintaining a safe and clean
• High disinfection performance
• incorporating a 3 stage treatment
• system filtration, photocatalyst and
• UVC steps

General Information:

Circulating Air Volume: 60m3/hr
• Disinfection efficiency: 99%
• Noise level: 45dB(A) @ 1m
• Airflow direction: In at bottom
out at front
• Power adapter: 220V 50/60Hx
• Maximum current: 1.2A (24V
• Adapter voltage: 24V DC
• Rated power: 30W
• Working temp range: -20C to
• Working humidity range:
Relative Humidity from 5% to
• Filter replacement interval: 90
days (average)
• Catalyst replacement interval:
360 days
• Dimensions: 300 c 150 x 66mm
• Weight: 1.5kg

Manufacturer: MicroTek Processes LLC
Model Name: EAP Purifier
Model Number: EAP2400H
Brand: Pure-Air™
Color: Stainless steel

Air Flow: 40cu/ft min
Sound Level: (Measured at 3ft): <50dB (A)
Inlet Filter: HEPA Disposable
Secondary Filter Photocatalyst (change every 3 months)
Germicidal UVC: 2 bulbs
UVC Output: 30w each lamp

Illuminated on/off switch Fitted to side of unit
Safety interlocked switch Fitted to filter cover
Filter replacement indicator Yes
Air Inlet: Bottom of unit
Air Outlet: Top/Front face of unit
Input Voltage: 220V
Nominal Voltage: 220Vac to 240Vac
Frequency: 60Hz
Fuse rating: 5A
Connection Flying lead
Dimensions and Weights:
The dimensions are 300 x 150 x 66mm and
weight: 1.5kg.
Fixture: Wall mounted bracket (supplied loose)

Atwell Product Code:AIR-PURIFIER
Manufacturer Product Code:

Brass Key Touch Tool

Atwell International have developed a brass key touch tool which is a nice alternative to wearing gloves and can fit nicely to a keychain. It can be used to touch buttons and open doors.
The international journal of environmental research and public health published a paper in April titled “Covid-19 surface persistence”. The study discovered that Covid-19 can be inactivated in as little as 5 minutes on brass and copper when compared with up to 3 days on other surfaces.
This little tool is therefore a handy addition to your keyring to help prevent and spread covid-19 and other germs

Atwell Product code: BRASS-KEY
Manufacturer product code: N/A

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