Safety Requirements for Construction and Installations of New Electric & Hydraulic Lifts – EN 81-1&2

In May, June and September 2008, a Task Force of the CEN Technical Committee 10 (TC10) met in order to discuss the revision of standards supporting the essential safety requirements of new lifts (revision of EN 81-1& 2 for electrical and hydraulic lifts). The ELCA technical expert accredited to participate to those Technical Committees was present at those meetings. Among others, an important decision taken is the reception of the amendment A3 that anticipates some new requirements for unintended movement of car with open doors and leveling and stopping accuracy of lifts that will need to be applied by end of 2009.

The specification of the amendment A3 will enable small and medium enterprises to better understand how to make components and complete lifts in compliance with the ESR’s (Essential Safety Requirements) of the Directive. ELCA will follow-up on the discussion and distribute the Amendment A3 to members as soon as available, in order to enable them to get organized for the implementation of the new requirements.

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