Sassi Gears

Sassi have issued a news bulletin detailing changes to their braking system for their machines.  The update is as follows:

In accordance with what requested by the rules EN81-20 & EN81-50 we inform you that, starting from the next few weeks, all our GEARS will be supplied equipped with our SERVICE BRAKES working with coils connected in PARALLEL instead of in series.

This technical choice will not imply any change in the use of the braking device by the final user in comparison with what was done in the past.

Nevertheless it will allow, during the installation testing, to perform braking tests using only half of the brake as prescribed by the rules.

The brake tensions available will remain unchanged and therefore included in the range between 24 V DC and 230 V DC.

The connection of the brake coils in series will still be available but only on specific demand of the client.”