VG Rope BrakeVG Rope Brake

The VG Rope Brake (VGRB2) now provides over-speed protection in both directions and when used in conjunction with the UMD-SRB01 controller, prevents uncontrolled movement of the lift with the doors open, conforming to both EN81-1 and EN81-80 requirements.

The bi-directional VGRB2 can be mounted either side of the traction sheave in any position – horizontally, vertically, at any angle and even inverted. Its electromechanical design means it is fail-safe – there is no requirement for any additional equipment such as compressors or hydraulics to assist in its operation.

The UMD-SRB01 controller can monitor car speed, uncontrolled movement of the lift car and provide battery back up power to the VG Rope Brake. It also provides bypass modes allowing lift movement monitoring to be switched off and at the same time continuing to provide over-speed protection during lift maintenance.

Although the Rope Brake can monitor for overspending in both directions, it is recommended procedure to install an Overspeed Governor to comply with EN81-80 – 5.9.2 Safety gear and overspeed governor for electric lifts where ‘all electric lifts shall have a safety gear actuated by an overspeed governor.

Many mounting options are available and Atwell International should be contacted for full details.