Raloe Lift Packages

Complete range of lift packages available, each with the opportunity to customize and adapt to suit all lift shaft constraints, all with flexible supply options to meet the needs of UK specifications.  All backed up with full UK technical and project support.


raloe3Parking Lift

High quality car lifts with bespoke designs to meet your specifications.


Safety: In the event of an electrical failure, the lift descends to the next floor enabling the vehicle to exit.

Flexibility: Possibility of integrating any type of control panel.

Easy installation: The design aims to reduce the time taken to install the lift.

Stability: It features bracing to the car and frame, providing the structure with more rigidity and stability.

Parking assistance system: Easy vehicle positioning (optional).











raloe5Symbio Electric Lift MRL

A machine room-less electric lift with an innovative design. We have equipped it with a gearless machine to guarantee the best energy efficiency. The optimisation of the MRL Symbio design has enhanced the lift’s comfort and safety.


Space optimisation: It does not require a machine room.

Environmentally-friendly: Lower consumption of a gearless machine. Plus, it needs no oil and does not create sound pollution.

Energy efficiency: Possibility of connection to a monophase plug.

Low maintenance: The machine has a long life cycle and repairs are virtually unnecessary.

Comfort: It features a portico frame with 2:1 suspension that guarantees a top quality ride during the trip.







raloe6Optimus gearless

Designed for building refurbishment and modernization.  With the Optimus model, the required space is no longer the critical detail tha needs to be considered first when deciding whether to install an electric or hydraulic lift in an existing building.  This electric lift uses the existing shaft equally efficiently as a hydraulic.


Flexibility:  Allows single, double and triple entrances. Ideal for projects with adjacent entrances.

Energy efficiency: Possibility of operating  on a single-phase supply.

Optimisation: Easily assembled  steel  work. Self-supporting.

Adaptability: Possibility of installing it with limited pit depth and headroom clearance with our dispensations.





raloe2Hydraulic Lift

Having developed an entire management and production system, it is possible to adapt the proven designs to differing lift shafts in existing buildings.


Custom-designed to meet your needs: We tailor each lift to suit each different shaft.

Structure: Possibility of installing a custom-designed structure for each lift shaft.

Standard dispensations: In order to be able to adapt each lift to suit existing buildings shaft, we have dispensations for shallow pits and restricted headrooms.

Cabinets: Possibility of providing five different models of cabinets to include the pump unit and the control panel.

Consumption: Energy efficient, as it reduces consumption by up to 50% in comparison with conventional hydraulic lifts.

Comfort: Excellent comfort level, equal to the electric VVVF lift.

Adaptability: Easy control and maintenance.

Safety: Automatic emergency system with a presure relief valve, always active during the descent even in case of motor failure. Rupture valve is included.





Domestic Lift

This is a personal lift that can be installed either in a home or workplace. The hydraulic equipment is exclusively designed for carrying people, providing a high level of comfort. In addition to complying with European Regulation 81.41, it also guarantees maximum safety.


Maximum safety: We have extensively studied its structure in order to guarantee the lift safety levels.

Custom-designed to meet your needs: We have a wide range of models to ensure that the finishes meet your specific needs.

Energy efficiency: It operates with any household socket and incurs minimal expenses, consuming as much energy as a hairdryer.

Optimisation of spaces: Takes advantage of up to 70% of the shaft for the lift car.

Emergency: We have equipped it with a rescue system that makes it possible to evacuate people in the event of a power outage.


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