Over-Load Control System

The Henning over-load control system is based on a patented measuring principle.  There is a sensor installed at each rope in the shaft or the hitch point.  These sensors no longer need to be calibrated using weights; the time-consuming usage of weights is no longer necessary.  Storekeeping, too, is simplified; one sensors module matches different rope diameters or eye bolt diameters.

The rope tension setting assistant integrated in the software is unique and amazingly simple; it only takes a few minutes to achieve an optimum setting of a complete set of ropes.  This and the permanent rope tension monitoring feature allow the undesired and needless wear of traction sheaves and ropes to be prevented in a reliable manner.

AE12 Evaluation Unit
Henning AE12 Evaluation Unit available from Atwell International

In addition to 12 independent measuring channels, Evaluation Unit AE12 offers 3 alarm relays for freely programmable loads as well as an additional relay for slack-rope monitoring and load-distribution monitoring.

It can be programmed either by means of its LED-display and three keys or via USB interface and the free WeightWatcher software.


Power Supply Voltage: 12v – 28v DC
Power Consumption: max. 4w
Number of relay outputs: 4
Max. Switching Voltage: 250v AC
Max. Starting Current: 15A
Max. Constant Current: 10A
Max. Switching Power (Ohmic Load): 2500W
Max. Switching Power (Ind. Load): 500VA
Min. Switching Power: 0.3W
Numbers of Measuring Channels: 12
Range: 30Hz
Sampling Frequency: 100Hz
HOLD Input: 12v – 230v AC/DC
Type of Protection: IP20

Donut Load Sensors

The RC-series of “Donut” sensors are able to measure absolute weights at each rope or belt, thereby making calibration with weights redundant.  The sensors are ready for immediate use after connection with an evaluation unit AE12 without the time consuming entering of calibration parameters for the sensors.

RC 500
Henning RC Donuts available from Atwell International


Max. Eye Bolt Dia: 16.2mm
Roughly Equivalent to Rope Diameter: 6 – 14mm
Application Range: 0 – 500kg
Maximum Load: 1000kg
Breaking Load: 2000kg
Sensor Height: 37mm
Sensor Diameter: 49mm
Connection Cable Length: 2.5m
Type of Protection: IP20

RC 1000
Henning RC Donuts available from Atwell International


Max. Eye Bolt Dia: 24mm
Roughly Equivalent to Rope Diameter: 12 – 17mm
Application Range: 0 – 1000kg
Maximum Load: 2000kg
Breaking Load: 4000kg
Sensor Height: 47.1mm
Sensor Diameter: 65mm
Connection Cable Length: 2.5m
Type of Protection: IP20