ELSCO Roller Shoes

Atwell International are proud to be the UK distributor for ELSCO products.

ELSCO’s  50 years of experience improving ride quality and reducing noise in lifts have led to the development of a comprehensive line of roller guides and swivel sliding guide shoes that meet virtually all lift load, speed and dimensional requirements.

From the unique six-wheel “walking beam” designs to the innovative, patent-pending elastomeric bushings, every detail has been carefully engineered to provide optimum ride quality and rugged durability in even the most challenging installations.

The ELSCO name is synonymous with quality and value, and when added to VG Safety Gears will provide a safe, comfortable lift experience.

With Atwell holding stock of ELSCO products, you will benefit from quicker response and lead-times, as well as cost savings!


Model A Roller Guide Shoe

Model AThe Model A Roller Guide has been the elevator industry’s gold standard for elevator ride quality for more than 45 years. Its outstanding performance, rugged durability, and extended application range make it ELSCO’s flagship product.

Model A Roller Guides are designed with a number of features that provide superior riding characteristics. Spring-loading in all directions and our unique “walking beam” design compensate for adverse operating conditions, bumps, and vibration. Simple adjustment procedures allow for customization to the specific challenges of the installation.

Model B Roller Guide Shoe

Model BThe Model B Roller Guide offers exceptional performance in a compact, easy-to-install package. A broad application range, ease of use, and outstanding value have made the Model B ELSCO’s most popular roller guide.

Typically used on moderate-speed, moderate-capacity elevator cabins, the Model B is equipped with a number of ride-improving features that have made it the preferred choice of so many elevator contractors around the world.


Model C Roller Guide Shoe

Model CThe Model C Roller Guide is unique in its suitability to a wide variety of elevator applications. It is primarily intended as the counterweight partner to the Model A. Yet it is also appropriate for use on elevator cabs where the ride quality advantages of six-wheel construction are needed, or where a smaller roller is required for clearance, such as in corner post applications.

Model D Roller Guide Shoe

Model DThe Model D Roller Guide has been engineered to maximize economy while optimizing ride quality. Primarily designed as a counterweight partner to the Model B Roller Guide, it can also be used successfully on very light load, low-speed elevator cabs where the ride quality advantages of a spring-loaded guide are desired.


Model E Roller Guide Shoe

Model-EModel E Roller Guides provide an economical, ride-quality-oriented solution for light to moderate capacity hydraulic elevators. Their light weight and compact design make for easy installation. Although Model E guides are not spring-loaded, they remain adjustable within a 1/8″ (3mm) range (on eccentric mounting bolts), and they employ the same ride-quality-improving neoprene wheels as the rest of the ELSCO line.


Express 3

Express-3The Express-3 Roller Guide represents a groundbreaking combination of elevator ride quality, value, and ease of use.

The culmination of a half-century of ELSCO expertise in improving ride quality, the 10-inch Express-3 utilizes a patented shock absorbing pivot bearing to isolate the elevator cabin and its occupants from uneven or misaligned rails. The result is a compact, light-weight roller guide that is the ideal choice for high-speed applications where low noise and a first-class ride are of the utmost importance.

Express 6

Express-6The Express 6 Roller Guide is the ultimate solution for the most demanding elevator applications. Engineered for use on elevators that “push the envelope,” the rugged design and heavy construction of the Express 6 make it ideal for the very fastest elevators, and those with extremely challenging loads.

The Express 6 is typically used on very high-capacity, very high-speed cars, such as observation shuttles in very tall buildings. Its striking size and design have also made it an architectural element in more conventional elevator installations with exposed hoistways.


ELSCO Spares

Wheels-and-BearingsGenuine ELSCO roller wheels are the contractor’s best option for replacement parts for original ELSCO equipment. No other aftermarket replacement roller offers the same combination of superior materials, precision engineering, and quality control.

Other Accessories and Replacement Parts such as adjustable stops, cover guard kits, seismic retainer plates, and more are also available. Click the product spec sheet directly below for more information on these accessories.

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