PFB DivertorsDivertors

Since 1964 PFB have been producing divertors and sheaves which through experience, choice of materials and techniques developed in manufacture and assembly give Atwell International the confidence to supply a totally reliable product.

We offer the complete PFB range of pulleys:

  • 1-33 Divertor Series(T220, T221, T222, T223)
  • 1-33 Divertor Series for High Static Loads(T224, T225, T226, T227)
  • Pulleys with bushes for small loads(T230, T231)
  • Standard Range of Divertors with bushes(T232, T233)
  • Standard Range of Divertors on ball bearings(T234, T235)
  • 300mm Dia Divertors on ball bearings(T236, T237)
  • Traction Pulleys(T238)
  • Pulleys for Hydraulic Lifts(T239)
  • Special Divertors on ball bearings(T240, T241)
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