New VG Tension Weight

We are testing a brand new VG Tension Weight!

Similarly to the VG OSG, the VG Tension Weight (VG TW) has been designed to compliment the VG family of safety products, but will also work perfectly with any other safety equipment.

The VG TW has a 15kg weight as standard, which is easily changeable up to a maximum of approximately 75kg. VG TW also has a slack rope switch and a new unique internal lockdown kit to ensure that the weight does not travel upwards with the potential of releasing the upward safety gear.

The details of the VG TW are as follows:

Height: 790mm Width: 400mm (base) 324mm (top)
Depth: 150mmWeight: 15kg (base unit)
Additional Side Weights: Single weights of 10kg – ‘stackable’ up to a maximum of 60kg (as standard) taking the total weight to 75kg
Pulley: 300mmRopes: 6-8mm

We are hoping to launch the new VG Tension Weight along side the VG OSG during mid October.

Full pricing details will be released soon.