Atwell International win major contract with new VG Bi-directional Rope Brake

Atwell International has been tasked to provide 200 rope brakes for the Victoria Housing Association, Melbourne’s dedicated community housing department. With over 44 job sites across the Melbourne area, the project is set to last six months and will not only improve the lift system within many of the areas residential developments but also help to showcase the effectiveness of the new Rope Brake.

After four years in development the VG bi-directional Rope Brake is compatible with all new and existing lifts and compliant to BS EN 81 standard. Its ease of installation means an engineer can have it up and running in just 4 hours. When used in conjunction with the Uncontrolled Movement Detector and the inclusive sensor pack the lift is protected against both bi-directional overspeeding and uncontrolled movement when the lift car doors are open. Working together or simultaneously, the VG rope brake is one of the safest braking systems available.