Atwell International helps save Scarborough tourist attraction from closure

Atwell International have recently come to the rescue of a late 19th century tourist attraction in Scarborough.

The famous South cliff lift at Scarborough is the oldest example of its kind in the UK and was sadly poised for closure following a report from HM Inspectorate of Mines who deemed the lift unsafe. The expertise of Atwell International however helped to save the lift in its dying moments.

Originally built in 1875 by a Midlands based company called the Metropolitan Carriage Company, the funicular lift at Scarborough has been carrying thousands of tourists up and down the Scarborough cliffs for over 100 years. However its aged braking system was in need of updating and it was this particular aspect that Atwell International was tasked to improve.

Following four years of development Atwell International has produced a unique braking system that works by braking on the lift’s ropes, rather than on the guide rails as seen in conventional lift braking systems. The new VG Bi-directional rope brake from Atwell International can control both overspeed and uncontrolled movement (when used in conjunction with its partner module – the Uncontrolled Movement Detector), providing peace of mind to the lift installer and optimum safety for the passengers.