Atwell International appointed UK Agents for Raloe

Atwell International is growing and embarking on an exciting new adventure by being appointed the UK agent for Raloe lift packages.  With over 25 years as the leading Spanish supplier of spare parts and custom design and supply of complete lift packages, Raloe now have a designated agent for supply and support within the UK.

Raloe logo

Raloe are partners with Savera guide rails, Fermator door assemblies, Emesa car slings and cabins, Sassi gears and the innovative Carlo Silva Controllers; all ready for installation and fully certified to comply with EN:81 including full A3 compliance.

They specialise in the ability to produce lift package solutions where there may be limited head room or pit space, or even reduced shaft dimensions along with more standardised products at competitive prices.  That coupled with short delivery timescales from placement of order and the assurance of quality sourced components from experienced suppliers, ensures a lift package that offers great value for money whilst being very competitively priced for the UK market.


Atwell International have taken on fresh new blood in the form of Nige Hart, who will be out on the road visiting both new and existing customers and comes from an extensive Technical Lift background, including installations, service and product support for several major manufacturers. We are confident we can offer value and support to this proven product, ultimately delivering a great value package that offers quality and competitiveness for our customers.

We are proud to have the opportunity to be associated with the supply of this proven, well engineered product. We will be focusing on promoting its range of attributes, whilst also providing technical support if needed and acting as a knowledgeable and reliable UK contact for this lift package and extending our range of industry leading products available to all our customers.

Please contact Nige Hart by email on or 07807 078248 for more information.